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Hullo!  My name is Aaron Chan, and I’m a writer, musician, and filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. I graduated from the Creative Writing Undergraduate Program at the University of British Columbia (2014), and am working on a memoir. Here are a few bios where I get to boast about all my artistic accomplishments in hoity-toity, awkward third-person.


A graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Screenwriting Program , Aaron Chan has short stories, fiction and creative non-fiction, published in two anthologies (Best Gay Romance 2012 and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tough Times for Teens). His work has also appeared in Ricepaper, Wilde, and Existere. His memoir piece, A Case of Jeff, won subTerrain magazine’s Lush Triumphant Literary Award in 2013, and his play, In the Movies, was selected for production as part of the Brave New Play Rites Festival in 2014. Aaron is a recent graduate of the Creative Writing Undergraduate Program at the University of British Columbia, and is in the process of working on a memoir.


Aaron Chan has been learning piano since his parents forced him when he was five years old. In 2009, Aaron received his ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. At the age of 17, Aaron began writing songs and performing in cafes and other venues. He recorded a six-song demo, and can be seen occasionally performing around Vancouver.

Playing at a cafe in my teens


Aaron Chan is a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s one-year Screenwriting program, and his short film, On the Bus, has screened at several international festivals, including the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival in Grenoble, and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Aaron has also made a number of documentary shorts with the “Playing It Safe” project, a series of films organized by YouthCO AIDS Society and the National Film Board of Canada promoting harm reduction amongst street youth. In addition, Aaron has written and directed several short films including Stay, Cure(d), Anniversary, and June.

On the set of Stay

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  1. You have great musical talent. Real potential to be an accomplished song writer and pianist (if you desired) I have been a fan of classical music all my life I have had the true blessing to have meet Jesse Norman, Issac Stern, and Lorin Mazel. that’s why im not am opera singer or a fiddler with Carnegie Hall Symphonic Society. My talents are being wasted else where. Im impressed with your skill and abilities not to mention your very attractive, sorry I’m one of those Latin mixes who love everything Asian..ill leave it there. You live in SF?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the compliments! For a while, I did do the singer-songwriter thing and performed for a number years, but I don’t really do much of that anymore. In a city full of struggling musicians like Vancouver (where I live), it’s difficult to get noticed. But I still play in my free time at home, which is always fun.

      How did you stumble across my little site?

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